About KBenP

Founded in 2000, our organisation gains its strength from its credo: “independent advice, powerful implementations“.

We support our medium and large enterprises, and non-profit organisations during their processes of reorientation, redesign, implementation, governance and adoption of their (mainly document intensive) working environment and tools.


Our 100+ employees, 40 associates and 100 instructors will be happy to assist your organisation as well in solving your information management puzzles. It’s our ambition to be leaders through our professionalism, pragmatism, result-driven approach and experience. We strive to deliver you with the best services and solutions by continually strengthening our entrepreneurial and innovative culture by connecting with the best specialists.


Our services and solutions

KBenP focuses on the digital transformation and optimisation of office work processes. Our expertise areas cover: customer journey and design; data analytics & business intelligence; collaboration & communication; search; document & records management; information security & compliance. We also provide an extensive training curriculum for information management.


We see the WorkPoint suite as a great toolkit to help our Microsoft oriented customers attain their transformation goals more quickly, more compliant, and with greater adoption by the users and administrators. By using our WorkPoint based process accelerators, your organisation will become more agile and more successful, continually improving your value proposition, customer experience, operation and collaboration with your partners.