Risk Management with WorkPoint

Great risk management tool for systemising the assessing risks - Integrate the solution for SharePoint Online & Office 365

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Risk Management can help identify risks and opportunities in SharePoint Online and Office 365

-  Structured Risk Assesment Processes

-  Create overview with Risk Reports

-  Monitor and control processes

-  Easy access for external assessments

-  Integrate in SharePoint Online & Office 365

WorkPoint Risk Management identifies and manages business risks and opportunities 

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Provides a systematic framework for assessing potential errors, uncertainties or opportunities in specific projects or business areas

How do you analyse and manage all risks across the organisations? 

Security has never been of more importance, and all organizations must prioritise issues regarding security across the organization. By implementing WorkPoint  Risk Management solution, then you can systematically work with processes of identifying, assessing and controlling risks and threats.  

The definition of risks is very broad. Specific company related issues with employee and digital security are often an important matter, but also more industry – and market-related issues could be central to providing a useful risks assessment. WorkPoint consultants will advise and guide your organization, for optimising the risk management system to your requirements and needs.

Risk Management with WorkPoint

3 Key Features in WorkPoint Risk Management

Create Risk Reports For Complete Overview

Create reports and matrix based on your organization’s risk items for managing  status on risk issues

Structured Processes For Risk Assessments

Use WorkPoint formula system to identify and assess the rating, frequency and likelihood of risks.

Integration Of Internal And External Assessments

Assign internal and external users to specific risks for including their knowledge in the assessment.

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