WorkPoint Server

Complete project management on top of SharePoint

Emails and meeting appointments in Outlook, documents saved to local network drives, project planning in MS Project, budget figures in the ERP system, and a fistful of homebrewed Excel and Access systems.

Many organisations face difficulties getting an overview and administer all important information and documents. The same is the case when it comes to cases and the management of projects involving many documents and different parties.

WorkPoint Server is a complete project management system, building on top of SharePoint. WorkPoint is a standardised solution, saving huge amounts of resources on costly development and programming.

  • Fully utilise all the potential features of SharePoint
  • Transform SharePoint to a business-critical solution platform
  • Unrestricting, open structure adaptable to your business
  • Achieve structured case and project management
  • Manage deep and complex relations
  • Integrate SharePoint fully with Microsoft Office
  • Easy integration with ERP, BI, CRM, Microsoft Project, and much more
  • A complete overview in a single dashboard.

Advanced knowledge-sharing

WorkPoint Server is a vertical business solution supporting advanced knowledge-sharing by way of case and project management among others. This renders the organisation far less vulnerable, because all data can easily and quickly be found. It codifies workflows, ensures optimised workflows and increases profitability.

WorkPoint Server makes it possible to coordinate and manage all business-critical information from a single place and makes it available throughout the organisation, ensuring no data is lost. Emails and documents are coupled to the individual case or project. As a result, WorkPoint makes it possible to manage complex cases or large projects, so that the project itself and the management of same are orchestrated from within the one and same system.

Advanced case and project management

WorkPoint is an advanced tool for project management and measuring the progress of individual projects. WorkPoint offers an easy way to gain an overview of ongoing projects, cases, reviews, and progress of the various tasks whilst integrating further with Microsoft Project, SAP, and ERP systems.

WorkPoint is a tool to manage the allocation of tasks while maintaining oversight and control throughout the various phases in a given project. WorkPoint creates a template for each project and provides automatic generation of task lists in Outlook for each employee.
When a project changes phase, WorkPoint also automatically creates a document library that matches the phase, and new tasks to the employees are generated.

The project template guides employees systematically through the phases of a project, giving the company full control over the process, since you cannot complete a phase and move on until mandatory tasks has been completed.

All this saves time, mitigates mistakes, and ensures that no phase or task is skipped or forgotten.

  • Process management
  • Task management
  • Document management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Review management
  • Risk management
  • Record management
  • Uniform progress reporting
  • S-curve illustrations
  • Integrations to SAP and Microsoft Projects
  • Email management

Deep and complex relations

WorkPoint Server also ensure complete oversight of present and former customers and all the contacts of the organisation, pooling of calendars, correspondence with customers via email and affiliates it all to specific cases and projects. One of the outstanding strengths of WorkPoint, is that WorkPoint Server coupled with WorkPoint Express and WorkPoint Email Manage is the inclusion of intelligent email management tools.

WorkPoint is completing SharePoint

To organisations with the need for efficient communication, complete control of data and projects, as well as knowledge-sharing, SharePoint is a safe solution. However, SharePoint needs development and programming from the ground up, which can be quite costly and resource-intensive.

By implementing WorkPoint, you will fully take advantage of the SharePoint investment, and as a result, gain full support of your business processes. With WorkPoint implemented, it is possible to have business-critical processes built into SharePoint without the need for development and programming. It is also easier to adapt the WorkPoint solution to new needs, upgrade to new versions of SharePoint, and integrate with ERP, BI, CRM, Microsoft Project, and much more.

WorkPoint supports SharePoint 2010 and 2013 (Foundation, Standard, and Enterprise), Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, and 2013, Windows 7 and 8, SQL Server 2008, 2008R2, and 2012. Windows Server 2008 and 2008R2, as well as Windows Server 2012.

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