Service and support agreement

A future proof WorkPoint solution

Avoid unforeseen costs and ensure a future proof WorkPoint solution. With a WorkPoint service and support agreement you are better equipped to make use of the many available features.

  • It is easy to take out a service and support agreement
  • Every expenditure can be budgeted
  • The solution  ensures the implementation of new releases.

Four types of of service and support agreements

Maintenance service agreement

  • SharePoint maintenance service agreement
  • WorkPoint server maintenance service agreement
  • Email Manager maintenance service agreement
  • TimeTrack maintenance service agreement

Technical user support

The technical user support supplies your technical staff with support and guidance for the operation of your server(s).

  • SharePoint technical user support
  • WorkPoint server technical user support
  • Email Manager technical user support

Super user support

  • WorkPoint super user support

User support

  • WorkPoint user support

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