Safely manage all data and knowledge regarding legal issues and cases within SharePoint and Office 365

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Corporate Legal to optimise the mangement of legal issues

Corporate Legal with WorkPoint

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-  Easy to archive email documentation

-  Save all data in SharePoint & Office 365

-  Document life cycle management

-  Easy and intuitive use in Office 365

WorkPoint systemises how to produce and save documents, e-mails and contracts for legal issues

Get easy access to required documentation to find and retrive all information on individual legal cases

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When handling legal issues, it is of utmost importance that all documentation  is archived correctly and can be easily retrieved. The WorkPoint Corporate Legal  solution codifies workflows and makes it possible to manage all business-critical  information from a single place.  

Great Emphasis is placed on determning your needs through workshops with  relevant stakeholders. We give advise and might also challenge the way soft data  has been handled so far, enabling us to provide you with a tailormade solution  matching your business.

What is Corporate Legal used for?: 

-  Employer contracts

-  Employer reviews

-  Customer contracts

-  Tenders

-  Supplier contracts

-  Insurance policies and certificates

-  Managing board of directores and stakeholders

-  Various Projects

Start working efficiently with Legal cases & issues

WorkPoint Corporate Legal Solutution provides an efficient system that ensures quality, secures important and is easy to use directly from Outlook, Excel and Word

- Project Management

- Quality Assurance 

- HR Management 

- Business Intelligence 

- Corporate Legal 

- GDPR Compliance 

- Risk Management 

- External Access

Did you know that WorkPoint provides many other soulutions in SharePoint Online & Office 365?   

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