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Quality Assurance with WorkPoint

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-  Based on ISO 9001:2015 requirements. 

-  Identify defects & non-conformities

-  Effective integrated Audits

-  Business Area Module

WorkPoint QA System identifies and evaluates critical business-areas for constant improvement

Easy identifying and evaluating of business risks, opportunities, initiatives and input for improving future  strategic decisions.

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-  Quality control of products and processes 

-  Help avoid failures and malfunctions  

-  Better reviewing and tracking of results 

-  Improve development and productivy 

-  Enhanced idea portal for employees 

-  Inplace quality management

Are your organization’s processes meeting up the required standards?

With WorkPoint’s QA solution, organizations are provided with a complete and  structured overview of all business - and management processes. Our solution is  based on requirements and standards of the ISO 9001:2015.  

The key objective for WorkPoints effective QA management system is to ensure  quality and ongoing improvement, and continuously work with reviewing and optimizing processes.

Key Features in WorkPoint's QA Solution

Effective Integrated Audits

Different types of integrated audits - Choose between internal audit (first party),  customer audit (second party) or external audit (third party) for effective quality  reviewing. 

Business Area Module

An integrated module for helping the organization’s management -, operational  - and support processes to continuously carry out activities in safe and efficient  matter, in order to improve the business area.

Identify Defects And Non-Conformities

Detect non-conformities and defects through reports of e.g. customer complaints,  and indentify where there is a nonfulfillment of a requirement according to the  ISO-standards.

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